Wednesday, November 14, 2007

busy times in first grade!

We are always keeping busy in First Grade! Our reading and writing skills are coming along quite nicely. Our new author of the month for November is Tomie dePaola. We have already read many of his books, including the chapter book On My Way. In writing, we have been focusing on "stretching our story out", or adding more details to our writing. So many of the children have shown a great deal of improvement in their writing recently.

In Math this month, we have been using hands-on activities to work on place value. Many of the children already had a good foundation in this from Kindergarten. As always, we are constantly reviewing and practicing our previously acquired skills in addition, subtraction, time, and money.

In Science, the students have watched their mealworms go through their lifecycle (larva, pupa, adult beetle) and we now have a large container of darkling beetles to observe. The students will continue to observe their beetles as they lay eggs and the lifecycle continues. This has really been a great opportunity of discovery for your children! Throughout the process, we have also learned about other cycles as well, including apples, frogs, and seasons.

In Social Studies, we are beginning our unit on Native Americans. The children will be making pocket books representing many of the different tribes. They are very excited to begin the process and can't wait until they can take their books home to share with you!

Thanks for all your help with the turkeys! They were so creative!

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